4 altcoins set to fly high amid Ethereum’s bullish rally

A highly revered trader, Nicholas Merten recently listed a number of crypto assets via his YouTube channel that could likely explode high amid the recent bullish run noticed in Ethereum as it broke above $4,000 price levels.

The first crypto on his radar was Uniswap. 

“The reason why I think UNI is in a good spot right now is that it’s about half of where it was against Ethereum back here in March… It started to lose out against Ethereum as Ethereum started to build into its super cycle,” Merten said.

The fast-growing decentralized exchange token is fast gaining traction on the account its platform is presently the preferred structure for many advanced crypto functionalities like yield farming, where crypto traders can earn amazing returns by lending cryptos in exchange for interest rates averagely higher than those seen in traditional finance.

The next digital asset on the crypto expert’s list is Unibright, an enterprise blockchain that offers a unified framework with the major objective of providing blockchain technology and contracts to mainstream users.

At the time of writing this report, Unibright traded at $1.50 with a daily trading volume of $1,000,050. UBT price is up 5.1% for the day and is mostly traded via Uniswap.

The third crypto on the list is the decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch. The expert opined that its current price seems to be trading at a discount especially when comparing it to Bitcoin.

The relatively unknown crypto helps to eliminate the need for manual checking, bringing efficiency to swapping on decentralized exchanges

The last crypto on Merten’s list is Litecoin which the expert believes is still pretty much undervalued as he also presently holds the crypto asset;

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer digital asset that permits fast, very low-cost fees to anyone around the globe. It is open-source by design thus having a global payment network and is fully decentralized without any central authority.

Recent price actions reveal Litecoin was trading at $328 with daily gains of about 6%.


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