Amazon is hosting its big new hardware event on Sept. 25

  • Amazon is hosting its big annual hardware event on Sept. 25 in Seattle.
  • Last year it introduced 15 new Alexa-enabled products and ways for partners to build Alexa into other gadgets.
  • This year we will likely learn about new Alexa hardware from Amazon.

Amazon on Thursday said that it will host an event on Sept. 25 in Seattle where it will introduce new products and services. It’s good one to pay attention to: during last year’s event, Amazon announced 15 Alexa-enabled products, including a microwave, new Amazon Echo products, a wall clock with Alexa built-in and more.

The point of that event, however, was to show how partners can build Alexa into almost anything, like kitchen appliances. And at CES 2019, we started to see how partners were doing that, with Alexa built-in to TVs, a dog bowl, home security systems, a lawn mower speakers, headphones and more. Just last week, Amazon partners began embedding its Fire TV software into new televisions and smart speakers, too.

Amazon will likely use this year’s event to refresh its Echo family and launch new products.