Amazon launches palm reading payment technology for shoppers inc. launched a new biometrics technology that permits its customers to make payments at the stores with their palm.

Amazon One is a computerized technique that connects the buyers’ palm through their credit card after which they can subsequently pay by placing their palm on a scanning machine. It enables a prompt payment of items.

The company is in talks with some prospective customers as it intends to sell this device to other companies and retailers. It had earlier stated in March that it would commence with the sales of the technology fueling its cashless stores known as the “Just Walk Out’’.

The process requires that customers enter the store by scanning an application and depart with ease. Meanwhile, they would be charged for items bought through a track by sensors and cameras. Customers also have the option of not linking to an Amazon customer account.

Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology, Dilip Kumar told Recode that Amazon One would gather data where customers shop, but not what they buy or the period they spend in third parties stores.

Amazon, however, addressed privacy concerns in the launch of its Amazon One, saying it designed the technology to be “highly secure.” It further clarified that the Palm images are not stored on the Amazon One device and are alternatively encrypted and stored in a secure area that is “custom-built in the cloud.” Its users could also demand to delete their data when they choose on the device or online.


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