DEAL: Nigerian based Helium Health completes $10m funding round

Helium Health, is set to grow its customer base across Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, North Africa and Francophone West Africa this year.

West Africa’s leading electronic medical records providers, Helium Health, is set to grow its customer base across Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, North Africa and Francophone West Africa this year.

The Lagos based start-up, disclosed this when it completed a $10 million funding round last week.

Global Ventures, a Dubai-based firm, and Asia Africa Investment & Consulting (AAIC) led the investment round, as the duo step up their hunt for health-related startups amid the coronavirus pandemic.

General Partner and Founder, Global Ventures, Noor Sweid, said “Helium Health has the opportunity to solve large problems through its software and help accelerate healthcare accessibility.

Helium Health also received investment from China’s Tencent in the Series A funding round.

Co-Founder, Helium Health, Adegoke Olubusi, said, “This new round means that we have more firepower to be able to expand the reach of our product way beyond Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia where we are now.

“When we think about the extent of the challenges and problems that we can solve in the healthcare sector in Africa, there could be a million ways in which this can help us grow.”

The company plans to use some of the funds to grow its customer base in Nigeria and Ghana. It is also expected to use the money to fund its expansion plans across Africa. The company is looking to expand to North Africa, East Africa and French Speaking West Africa.

About Helium Health

Helium Health seeks to combat the inefficiencies of paper-based health record keeping, by providing an all-in-one electronic medical record for hospitals and healthcare institutions across Africa, by integrating services such as hospital management and insurance, medical billing, digital medical record keeping etc, in a single digital platform.

Helium Health is currently being utilised by over 5,000 doctors across over 70 hospitals. Some of the hospitals currently utilising Helium Health’s product include Paelon, St Francis, Medison, CASS, amongst many others.

Its founders were in 2018 inducted into the Forbes 30 under 30 healthcare class of 2019. Helium Health has been a recipient of many recognition, both national and international, such as Nigerian Healthcare.

Excellence Awards nomination (2017 & 2018), Google Launchpad Class 5 (2018), Y-Combinator Summer 2017 Batch, Aso Villa Demo Day – where they were recognised by the President.

Since the launch of its MVP in 2016, it has raised over $2 million in funding and grants, from various sources, such as Y-Combinator, World Bank, Etisalat, Western Tech, GreenHouse Capital, Cantos Ventures, A-Level Capital, angel investors.


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