Elon Musk “Approves” of Bath Tub Actually Heated by Bitcoin Mining After Similar Idea with Doge

Following the recent news of Elon Musk calling a bath heated with Dogecoin a “great idea,” a prominent Twitter user, “Documenting Bitcoin,” has tagged the Tesla CEO to show him a bathtub heated by Bitcoin mining.

Unlike the idea with DOGE, the Bitcoin mining-heated tub was actually working.

Musk simply tweeted “nice” in response.

A use case to utilize crypto mining heat: from an idea to a operating model

On May 29, the Blockfolio app offered the Tesla billionaire to make a potential new “use case” for Dogecoin mining: a bathtub heated with spare energy coming from a DOGE mining rig. It seemed like just an ironic idea.

But Elon Musk responded that it was “great idea.”

Now, two days later, a popular anonymous account from the Bitcoin community, “Documenting Bitcoin,” has posted a video with a bath actually being heated with Bitcoin mining equipment, saying that Musk should take a look at it.

The Tesla CEO enjoyed this second post about spare heat from crypto mining being used for other necessary purposes and tweeted: “Nice.”

A few years ago, stories arose of miners using the spare heat from their operations to keep their flats warm in countries with cold climates.

Image via Twitter

Tesla rejects Bitcoin payments due to PoW but Musk remains DOGE fan

On May 13, Tesla suspended Bitcoin payments for its e-cars due to the additional carbon footprint that Bitcoin miners add to global CO2 emissions.

However, Musk assured the community that he was still a strong supporter of crypto. Bitcoin influencer Anthony Pompliano and SkyBridge founder Anthony Scaramucci assumed back then that Musk was simply focusing on the lack of “green mining.” They assumed that in the near future Tesla would come up with a proper solution to this.

Tesla has been critical of Bitcoin due to the proof of work (PoW) consensus algorithm that is highly energy consuming. However, Musk’s beloved Dogecoin runs on the same algorithm.

Why does the eccentric billionaire remain a fan and not sell his DOGE holdings? It is because DOGE has memes, while other coins do not, as he stated in a tweet recently.


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