Google, Facebook, Twitter stocks drop, investors ponder if big techs have become too powerful

Leading U.S tech stocks including Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, and Google experienced record sell-offs on growing global sentiments that big tech companies are getting out of control.

Such macros weighed heavily on these stocks as evidenced in Monday’s trading session performance for these tech stocks.

At the end of Monday’s trading session,

  • Twitter lost about 6.41%
  • Facebook down by 4.01%
  • Apple dropped 2.32%
  • Google (Alphabet) fell by 2.31%
  • Amazon down by 2.15%

Also, some powerful politicians publicly decried the role these tech brands are having on censoring speech, as senior lawmakers in France and Germany, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, voiced their concerns.

The fall is largely attributed to record sell-offs from investors on account of these tech brands’ decision to permanently ban one of its most popular and powerful users, President Trump, and other leading voices from their social networks.

What this means

Stock experts further anticipate such a move could deprive fast-rising tech brands of one of their best traffic-generators, as well as risking alienating some people who share the opinion that tech brands like Twitter, Google, Facebook have become too powerful.

Milan Cutkovic, Market Analyst at Axi, in a note to Bigwig FX, spoke on the prevailing macros disrupting U.S stocks at least for the near term.

  • “Fears of a global trade war have weighed multiple times on markets during the past few years. While concerns remain, the risk of trade tensions escalating has declined with Biden entering the White House soon.
  • “While the US-China relations will remain complex, they could warm up somewhat after four turbulent years. Meanwhile, tech giants, Facebook and Twitter, have found themselves in a political crossfire by blocking US President Trump from their platform, which also weighed on the NASDAQ index.”

What to expect: The question of whether big tech has become too powerful is likely to lead to some heated discussions in the coming weeks.


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