Is Donald Trump still a billionaire?

The net worth of former United States President, Donald Trump has always been a source of controversy. In 2006, Donald Trump sued a New York Times writer for calling him a millionaire in his book.

During his time as POTUS, the opposition party always made a case of Donald Trump’s companies filing for bankruptcy and evading taxes. According to Yahoo Finance, Donald Trump has run 6 businesses that went bankrupt.

There is a lot of doubt about his personal wealth particularly among his political opponents who have had their noses buried in his finances in the past few years, searching for talking points.

So, what is the present state of Donald Trump’s finances? Is he still a billionaire and did the US Presidency affect his finances?

Donald Trump’s net worth in 2021

According to Forbes, Donald Trump is currently worth $2.4 billion. He was and still remains the only billionaire President of the United States. During the course of his presidency, Donald Trump’s net worth dropped by a staggering $1.1bn.

His net worth pre-US presidency was at $3.5 billion. Now, he is worth $2.4 billion according to Forbes. He also dropped by 300 spots in the billionaire ranking.

What are Donald Trump’s major assets?

Donald Trump is a real estate mogul whose major assets are high priced properties in prime cities in the United States. He has also made a fortune from franchising his name to companies all over the world.

What you should know about Donald Trump

  • Donald Trump’s first and major project was the renovation of the Grand Hyatt New York Hotel which was first built in 1919.
  • Donald Trump took over his father’s business and excelled in it before branching into media and various fields over the years.
  • Donald Trump currently spends most of his time in his Mar a Lago resort in South Florida.


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