At BigwigFX we need your Skills! Your work is Location Independent,you can work from any part of the World with us. Do you have what it takes to provide excellent Skills. If Yes, CLICK HERE to Apply and Join the Competition amongst our intelligent Applicants Worldwide!


All Prospective Team members must have the Ability to respect the BigwigFX working culture which entails need to show the evidence of

  •  Strong and written verbal communication skills
  • Integrity,Motivation,patience,Resilience and Persistence
  • Proper organization skills and ability to work towards deadlines
  • Ability to multitask and effectively manage time.
  • Ability to prioritize the company’s work
  • Ability to simplify complex issues
  • Ability to evolve with time continuously 

Tips about the Job

Pay: Very good pay with series of bonuses and benefits
Location: The Website
Hours of Working: Official hours of the Week
Start: Soon

Vacant positions

  • UI Designs
  • UX designs
  • Accounting
  • Web/App development
  • Digital marketer
  • Secretary