Most profitable asset in a decade, Bitcoin up over 26,600,000%

The odds are now playing strongly in favour of the world’s most popular crypto – Bitcoin.

Data retrieved from a well-known crypto custodian firm Blockchain showed how Bitcoin from $0.06 in September 2010 exploded to its current price of around $13,000 – representing a surge of over 26,600,000% in a span of 10 years.

Meanwhile, the same couldn’t be said about its closest performing rivals, which included the Yellow metal and the S&P 500, which climbed 103% and 233% respectively over the same stretch.

Why this matters

The flagship crypto seems to run hot on many prevailing macros, not forgetting that the general economic law states that when demand is high and supply is limited, prices of such products will usually go up.

  • Bitcoin has established a robust support level at $13,000, defended on several occasions throughout September.
  • It should also be noted in the past few years, that Bitcoin holders are refusing to sell and instead use it for wealth preservation.
  • Also, another strong sign giving crypto traders bullish bias include Bitcoin’s  Active Supply 3y-5y (1d MA) just reaching a 23-month high of 1,840,755.050 BTC, as seen from Glassnode – a popular analytic firm

A previous 23-month high of 1,840,745.362 BTC was observed earlier today.

What this means

Bigwig FX earlier broke the news on how the world’s flagship crypto continues to gain traction at the speed of light. The renowned financial data media company, Bloomberg Intelligence, gave critical insights on why bitcoin, in just about five years’ time, could hit a valuation of $100,000.

“Bitcoin’s foundation is firming for further price advances if its history is a guide. Since initially reaching $10,000 in 2017, the benchmark crypto corrected about 70% and remains in an extended period of consolidation around that level,” the report said.


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