Squarespace founder is latest billionaire, set to make $3bn from listing his company

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a platform that helps small businesses and individuals build customized websites and online stores for e-commerce. It is also a hosting company which is based in New York City, United States. It provides software as a service for website building and hosting, and allows users to use pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements to create and modify webpages.

Who founded Squarespace?

Squarespace was founded by 38-year-old Anthony Casalena seventeen years ago. The platform was founded in his dorm room at the University of Maryland. For many years, he was the only one running the platform. He launched the platform with a $30,000 seed fund and grants from his university and the platform reached a $1m valuation in 2006.

Squarespace latest valuation and growth

Last month, Squarespace raised a whopping $300m from investors who valued the company at $10bn. The successful outing prompted the decision by the Founder to go public.

The company has grown tremendously since its inception in 2003. The number of subscribers increased nearly 23% in 2020, to 3.7 million users. The company also made a revenue of $620 million which was a 28% increase from the previous year according to Forbes.

Squarespace employees have grown from just the Founder to 1200 employees across the United States and Ireland.

Anthony Casalena’s new net worth

Following the latest valuation of his company at $10bn, Anthony Casalena is set to become a billionaire. According to Forbes Squarespace’s SEC filings revealed that he has a 33% stake in the company.

The latest valuation of his company sets him up for a fresh $3bn making him the latest billionaire in the market.

What you should know

Squarespace is listing its company in the market using direct listing. A direct listing is a process by which a company can go public by selling existing shares instead of offering new ones.


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