Top Crypto jobs paying thousands of dollars monthly

From developers to crypto analysts, Bitcoin’s boom has created a significant amount of wealth and jobs that are rooted in a variety of skill sets.

As blockchain technology disrupts the global economic system at an exponential rate, it’s no longer news that the cryptoverse has created immense job opportunities, increasing the prominence of blockchain and crypto jobs in a world with fewer available employment opportunities.

Recent data reveals there is no shortage in demand for these types of jobs though some experts attribute this to the shortage of crucial skills. As a result, compensation for those with such skills is currently higher compared to many traditional sectors, including the oil and banking sectors.

It’s important to note that Crypto jobs are very remote-friendly, meaning they offer a transparent, much flexible working schedule than most traditional paying jobs. Here are some Crypto-related jobs and the average pay they attract.

Security architect

Although one of the benefits of blockchain technology is that it is much harder to hack than traditional payment channels, these types of experts still ensure that safety remains rock-solid (especially around apps built on the technology) and protected from outside threats and fraudulent transactions. Attention to detail and analytical skills are an advantage for candidates looking to clinch this type of job.

Average Base Pay: $152,692 per year

Crypto/Blockchain legal analyst

With blockchain technology rising at an alarming pace, it is vital that businesses learn and understand every legal phrase related to it. Crypto/blockchain legal professionals offer advice to businesses on how to structure offerings for crypto assets as well as manage such contracts. Amid calls for stiffer regulation in the cryptoverse, these all-important professionals guide fintechs and crypto exchanges on how to meet the regulations laid down by their respective jurisdictions. Having good communication skills is an added advantage to this type of job.

Average Base Pay: $111,514 per year

Crypto developers

These are some of the most sought-after professionals in this disruptive sector. They are traditionally programmers who perform tasks like developing applications using blockchain. They are often paid based on the solutions they are able to provide.

Average Base Pay: $107,559 per year

Blockchain architects

Blockchain architects are crypto professionals with intellectual skills for designing, assigning, and connecting the varied solution parts of the blockchain. They usually team up with experts in other departments such as UX designers, network administrators, and developers.

It’s important to note that this is a high skill job that requires you to have a deep understanding of some leading programming languages like React, Python, Node, CSS, HTML, and Generic SQL. Also, exposure to cryptography and data science is an added advantage.

Average Base Pay: $75,000 per year

Crypto UX designer

These crypto professionals are responsible for creating a unique interface that is user-friendly. Their job includes making complex patterns simple enough to attract users. The importance of this role can’t be overemphasized with many leading brands looking for a technology launched in a manner that makes it easier for the user to navigate.

Average Base Pay: $100,000 per year

Crypto consultant

The key duties of these crypto professionals include designing strategies, come up with unique solutions, and having some technical abilities about the blockchain with knowledge on how to identify and manage risks.

For Crypto consultants, having an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology is a must.

Average Base Pay: $83,000 per year

Crypto analyst

Crypto analysts often deal with the business strategies for the specific blockchain process and are responsible for looking for areas that require improvement.  They can also identify effective solutions and potential risks within a blockchain and as such, they must be skilled with an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology.

Average Base Pay: $69,646 per year


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