Top US business lobby: US businesses no longer ‘positive anchor’ for US-China relations

The American Chamber of Commerce in China, a top US business lobby, said on Wednesday, the US businesses can no longer be counted on as a “positive anchor” in US-China relations, Reuters reports.

In a statement accompanying its annual report on China’s business climate, the Chamber said: “Crucially, the mood has shifted.”

“The U.S. business community in China, so long an advocate of good bilateral relations, can no longer be relied upon to be a positive anchor. U.S. companies continue to face an uncertain operating environment in China amid decreasing optimism about their investment outlook.”

Meanwhile, the Chamber’s chairman, Timothy Stratford, said in the report: “We understand that any true resolution of the current dispute requires addressing the structural issues … that have long hindered importation of U.S. goods and services and operations of U.S. businesses in China.”

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