Twitter CEO Masterfully Trolls Ethereum Holders (Again)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has riled up the Ethereum community once again.

The tech billionaire posted a screenshot of a new Twitter feature that includes a tweet that calls Ethereum a scam.

While some suggested that the Ethereum-bashing tweet might have appeared on Dorsey’s feed coincidently, the 44-year-old entrepreneur clarified that there were no coincidences.

The Bitcoin community was obviously ecstatic after Dorsey took a jab at the rival cryptocurrency.

This is not the first time that the Twitter boss excels at trolling Ethereum holders. As reported by U.Today, Dorsey recently posted the #Eth hashtag on the cusp of the Tokyo Olympics to support Ethiopia, which did manage to win a gold medal in the men’s 10,000 meters event.

Prior to that, Dorsey, a staunch Bitcoin proponent, would reject the idea of investing in Ethereum (or any other altcoin).

Ethereum (Satoshi Vision)?

The tweet that sparked yet another tiff between Dorsey and Ethereans addresses a recent comment made by Justin Drake, researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, on popular blockchain podcast Unchained.

Drake made a flippant comment about Ethereum being the “accomplishment of Satoshi’s vision”:

Ethereum is the accomplishment of Satoshi’s vision… Ethereum is Bitcoin, in that sense.

This, of course, rubbed many Bitcoines the wrong way, and they went on to accuse Ethereum of being a centralized pre-mined cryptocurrency that is only useful for selling worthless JPEG rocks.


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