UK’s Hunt: No deal Brexit would be immensely disruptive economically

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt crossed the wires in the last minutes arguing that a no deal Brexit would be immensely disruptive economically but said that it was necessary to have all the options on the table during a negotiation.

Key quotes (via Reuters)

• Declines to say if he would run for Conservative Party leadership, focus is to “get on and deliver brexit”.

• Would never advocate a no deal Brexit.

• If U.S. interests are attacked, they will retaliate, and that is something that the Iranians need to think about very, very carefully.

• Message to Iran is do not underestimate the resolve on the U.S. side, in this situation the U.S. are not seeking a conflict.

• The long term solution to this problem is for Iran to pull back from the destabilizing activities it does throughout the region.

Source: fxstreet


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